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Thames Landscape Strategy - Hampton to Kew -


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The Thames Landscape Strategy is one of three sub-regional partnerships for the Thames in the greater London area, whose focus is the remarkable river corridor between Hampton and Kew. Launched in 1994, the strategy is a 100-year blueprint for the Thames, whose vision is to conserve, enhance and promote for the future, one of the world’s great urban landscapes. To achieve its aims, the strategy brings together a partnership of statutory and non-statutory organisations, local groups and individuals to inform strategic policy such as the Water Framework Directive and TE2100 to implement a broad range of projects and management proposals such as London’s Arcadia.
These are linked with the TLS’s proposals to adapt to climate change, locally finding solutions to manage the increasing risk of flooding through the Restoration of the Lost Floodplain projects.

Go to Publications for downloadable documents and information on projects and local interest.

TLS 2009 and 2010 Annual Review newsletter part 1 and part 2

Click here to view a video profile of the Strategy on You Tube, narrated by our patron Sir David Attenborough

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Posted: Apr 16, 2014

31st March 2014 – To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Thames Landscape Strategy. A specially commissioned show to raise the funds to commission Mark Edwards of Richmond Bridge Boathouses to construct a replica of the Duke of Buccleuch C18th Chinese Tea Tent that will include a camera obscura to be used in the Thames Landscape Strategy’s educational programme, was held at Hampton Court Palace.


TLS Annual Meeting - Jan 2014, Kew Gardens

Posted: Feb 18, 2014

Another successful evening for the TLS Annual Meeting. Hosted by our partners at Kew Gardens in the Orangery, this year saw the TLS’s 20th Annual Meeting.


Arcadian Diary

Posted: Aug 24, 2009

The spiritual connection between humans and rivers stretches back millennia. In almost all world cultures water plays some part in the way that people traditionally understand and celebrate their lives.


Sand Martin Webcam

Posted: Jun 08, 2012

Thanks to a successful grant from SITA Trust, a second TLS sand martin bank has been built in Richmond Park on Pen Ponds.


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The Review of Thames Landscape Strategy

Thames Landscape Strategy Review

The Thames Landscape Strategy has been reviewed. Follow the link below for details.

Further information on the Review

View the strategy

Thames Landscape Strategy Document

The Thames Landscape Strategy is a 100-year blueprint for the River Thames between Hampton and Kew. To view the full strategy document follow the link below.

Further information on the vision


Thames Landscape Strategy Annual Review

View the latest Annual Review, a roundup of all the latest developments in the Arcadian Thames